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Belrose Coffee is happy to coordinate all of your related services and rentals such as Coffee Brewers, Airpot/Thermal or Dispenser Storage Systems.

Once you place the order, we outline all equipment needed and assist with all arrangements to set up your coffee service. Here are trusted quality commercial grade brewers recommended by Belrose Coffee Service.

Coffee Brewers and Thermal Carafe Brewers

​If a more traditional coffee program suits your style, then our-top-of-the-line brewers and thermal carafe options are just what you are looking for. Delicious coffee stays hot for up to 6 hours in our insulated and portable airpots of gravity-dispensers.

A double capacity coffee machine
A bulk coffee machine
Coffee machine that serves decaf and regular coffee
A single capacity coffee machine
Single Cup System

This brewer is the perfect solution for mid-size to large companies, looking for a superior coffee program. This popular system will not only look sleek in your breakroom, but offers an expansive choice of coffee and tea brands and blends for your staff and clients. This brewer features the innovative keurig K-cup system and multiple sizes.

Keurig Single cup coffee sysem
Keurig single cup coffe system
Keurig single cup coffee system with tea pods to the side
Single Cup System

With Flavia single - cup coffee, you can have whatever drink you want! This brewer features an impressive menu of over 30 fresh drinks featuring Flavia Gourmet Coffees. Indulgent Creations and Fresh Leaf & Herbal Teas. Your staff and clients can make coffee-shop style drinks, including cappuccinos, mochaccinos and cafe lattes - whenever they want - all at one cup at a time! Flavia is ideal for mid-size to large offices and features the patented Flavia Filterpack system.

water coolers
Bottle-Less Water Dispensers

With point-of-use, Bottle - Less Office Water Coolers you'll have an endless supply of drinking water for less cost than you're now paying. A water filtration system, including an office water dispenser, can be rented for as little as $30 per month. We offer standard and high-end coolers to match your requirements. With modern and well designed water cooler dispensers you'll eliminate many of the hassles of storing and carrying water bottles around the office.

Cooler 3.png
Cooler 1.png
Cooler 4.png
Cooler 2.png
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